Coffee Scented Candles, Fresh Brewed...Mmmm

 Hazelnut Mocha Coffee Scented Candles & Vanilla Cake Chunk Candle

Do you love to wake up to the smell of fresh brewed coffee? How about letting that wonderfull aroma fill the room without having to turn on your coffee pot? We have many flavors of coffee scented candles for you to choose from. Take a look at our list of coffee flavors. It's just like going to your favorite coffee shop , only in the form of wonderfully fragrant coffee candles! 

Whether you are a black coffee, straight espresso shot drinker, or you like a little flavor to your drinks, we've got it here. 

 Soy Coffee Scented Candles

Our coffee scented candles no longer come as chunk candles. They will be solid color like the brown Hazelnut Mocha candle you see in the picture above. Colors may vary slightly, but Mocha coffee scented candles will be about the same color as the one in the picture above and Latte coffee candles will be a bit lighter brown.

No Longer Available
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Very nicely made. I will definitely re-order in the future." Margaret (NY)

"Thank you for the personal touch in handling my order. I really appreciated the support and the customer service you provided." Gwenette

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